A downloadable game for Windows

This build is best tested on a screen of 1920x1080 resolution.
Note that this demo is a short demonstration.
PLEASE USE THE EXISTING COLLECTION button on the first menu.
NEW ACCOUNT is there to show how to create an avatar.

Splinterwars makes new features and strategic gameplay available for the world of Splinterlands.

It aims at creating new Player vs Environment (PVE) gameplay, and indirect PVP battle options. It also aims to become a fully decentralized game based on the Steem blockchain. Please check the blog to see how transactions are expected to be decentralized on Steem.

Its first Steem token, the SPWALPHA, was already issued!

In Splinterwars, you will be able to play your card collection and engage in battle against stacks automatically created from other player collections.

You will fight in challenges, events, collect trophies, achievements, and unlock new skills and items. Not in this first version, obviously; but the game is meant as durable.

Requirements are strongly tied to your Splinterlands collection: this means you must have Splinterlands to play. It is voluntary.

Please head to Splinterlands website ( https://splinterlands.io ) to enjoy this game!

This demo does not go very far at all. It will take less than 10 minutes of your time to test it. It will reveal to you the first screens of Splinterwars, and hint at the next features to come.

Current features include:
* Connecting your account with Steem Connect and importing your collection.
* Choosing enemy stacks to battle. These enemy stacks are created from all collections imported thus far.
* You can choose a summoner and creatures, and engage in battle.

Unfortunately the battle will end with the "very anti-climatic", confusing start of a battle log.

Yup, just like that!

Next versions will of course include an animated battle, and fix a collection of bugs.

During the game jam, a new server and webservices were also set up ( on https://splinterwars.com ). This is where most of the work has gone.

You may use its Public API, and read more about it on this blog:


https://steemit.com/splinterlands/@elindos/splinterwars-first-alpha-and-public-api-released )

As you can guess, a lot of time was dedicated to recreating the whole 113 creatures of Splinterlands, simulate it's battles and recreate a web server, online database, steem connect integration in an executable client, and a collection of webservices.

This demonstration shows the roots made in a two weeks time. Next versions will include more features!

Being a full webservice, Splinterwars says:

I will exist and continue.

This project does not aim at being a sole game jam experiment, but to continue as a full game and bring real value.

Next features will include a campaign, much more polish, and of course an animated battle.

Next releases will include Mac versions, and in the future, Linux versions too.

 Multiplatform is made easy as a multiplatform language was used to make the game; only problem being the costs of additional export licenses. (especially for mobile platforms)

The following articles discussed what was made and a number of ideas. Feel free to take part!




You may also join its discord server. ( https://discord.gg/RhTNVwX )

If you want to know more about Splinterlands, feel free to check their website and their discord server! ( https://discord.gg/ZKCBU3r )


The default menu (New Account) is there to show a test version where you pick an avatar. To play, you should choose "Existing Collection" instead.

The game uses Steem Connect, so it does not save any password, and keeps everything safe.

Also, the game DOES NOT have any access to any private Splinterlands content. It is an entirely separate Dapp and has absolutely no action it can take on Splinterlands. To import your collection, the game makes use of Splinterlands public API ( reading urls such as: https://steemmonsters.com/cards/collection/yourusernamehere  )

You may encounter bugs while testing. For instance, the game exits if you choose a summoner for which you have no creature. Also, sometimes the network call hangs; if this happens, please relaunch the game. 

Total mana costs displayed is also of a bad amount, and you'll see several other oddities in this first version.

Oh, and the game lacks a settings and exit option!

The game is new and made from scratch. In the two weeks time could not even take the time to make enough full tests on the final build... so I expect many "casualties" among testers! and I apologize about that.

Also, I wanted to include the mantra:

"That which was splintered shall be made whole."

... that I discovered recently on https://splinterlore.com

The campaign will start this way. But it shall be there in the next build, too.

The game uses opensourced contents made available by Splinterlands.io, and other contents purchased and used with authorization. 

Install instructions

This is a Windows executable.
Please extract ZIP and launch game with "Splinterwars.exe".


The game opens the default browser to allow you to interact with Steem Connect interface. The game also sends network calls to Splinterwars server. ( https://splinterwars.com )

Some antivirus software like to raise false positives on network behaviour. That is the reason why I share with you this network behaviour.

Please note that this is an alpha demo. It is nothing like a final game.


Splinterwars.zip 326 MB


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Please note that a bug has been reported when picking a Dragon summoner as your summoner. So, please avoid taking Selena Sky or other Dragon summoners!